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Make money from thumb -in today’s world thumb is very important as your thumb can make money your thumb always on your mobile and you see many things from your eyes but whatever your thumbs do direction come from your mind but if you are going into the right direction and making money from your thumb.

So you can make money from your thumb because your thumb is here to forward messages on WhatsApp sharing messages to you WhatsApp group sharing messages in WhatsApp broadcast make broadcast with your contact list first do for yourself then you can teach to anyone at the same time you can make and share the same in the Facebook, LinkedIn and Facebook group. Join a Facebook group related to your work and share your ideas that we are giving to you through your thumb

so we are here to teach you how you can make money from your thumb and this session is all about making money from a thumb

It is a process it is not one diagram you have today to make the visibility of your work across mobile platforms we are using this mobile for many purposes and using our thumbs to write share and make people aware. I am here to teach all the people who are connected to me how you can make money in making yourself a brand through your thumb in a positive way because you can use your time, brain- energy and thought process at one place that is your mobile and this mobile is have everything it has business, spirituality, positivity and negativity. Now it is your turn what you want to extract from this mobile because you spend most of the time on your mobile and it’s a kind of life partner for your work, ideas for your creativity, how you can be more creative on your mobile, how your mobile is your best friend to give you everything. Learn all those things from us and we are here to teach people such as youth who are less than the age of 23 if you are age is less than 23 join our thumb pathshala which is very unique and learn how to make money from the thumb.

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