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"Products are made in factory but brands are created in mind..Make ur presence felt."

Brand Building

We help Businesses, Non profit Consultants & Corporate Professionals unpack & enhance their Personal Brand and organizations’ brand to stand out, become an authority in the marketplace and win new business.

At we use our proprietary Brand Core model to root the brand strongly in consumer truths. We believe that a brand’s strategy draws from the business strategy and informs what it stands for in the market. Our Brand Core construct is at the cusp of category gaps, consumer opportunity and the company/brand’s strengths.

The Brand Core then defines the Brand Essence which is the soul of the brand and articulates the emotional hook that draws in the stakeholders. Once the brand has been defined at a functional and emotional level, we create an additional layer of brand personality. This truly helps to define a brand in an extremely differentiated and sharp manner in the market.

Launching a brand in the market involves targeting a specific TG and communicating with the customers in a relevant manner. JSM helps orchestrate findings from Market Analysis and Market Research to derive a Brand Communications Strategy.

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