Resilience – the courage to come back

Why resilience matters?

– The pace at work has never been faster, and therefore the new challenges that are thrown our way haven’t been so complex, and I am here to inform you your working life is merely getting to get faster, more changeable, and tougher. But, there’s an antidote. Skill or mindset you’ll develop which will assist you to navigate the new working world, and that is psychological resilience. Enhancing resilience is all about creating your edge at work. it isn’t almost learning to cope exceptionally well with challenges, but also learning the way to thrive and reach your peak. during this course, we’ll delve into what it takes to make your resilience edge and we’ll explore the six key facets of resilience. Expect to immerse yourself in exercises that get you thinking and to require away practical tips and methods you’ll implement immediately to reinforce your resilience. Join me to find out the way to boost your resilience and make your perimeter at work.

Why resilience matters?

It matters because of the following key factors.

# Psychological Resilience.

a) Create your perimeter

b) Learn the way to Thrive

c) Reach your peak


We’d like to maximize  what we naturally good at which we’ll explore with six pillars of Resilience

a) Confidence

b) Adaptability

c) Positivity

d) Perspective

e) Mastery

f) Stamina

# Steer Energy

Got to study and capture how we’ve used the energy throughout the day. We all got to create our success habits and stories.

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