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We sell the solution not the product and believe in business intelligence strategy with conscious mind marketing.


Jsm globe is a leading intelligent business solution provider, where services are driven by an experience. In this challenging business environment we connect you with an opportunities to achieve sustainable growth and develop your competitive edge.
Jsm market advisory services are designed to help clients with planning, research, strategy and vision casting. Our team of highly qualified professionals will engage with decision-makers to help them identify targeted opportunities and challenges, analyse market trends in broad scale and think strategically about product and service portfolio, its entire lifecycle and technology integration.

What We Do

We consult and make growth strategy or corporate, government startups, nonprofit and SMEs.

We have a well defined and result oriented management system to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in the market place. The complete process is specially devised to streamline operations and enhance level of customer satisfaction. Our team of experts work closely with the clients to understand their requirements and offer them the best Solution, meeting their budgetary constrains.

How We Do

We grew up professionally in the Marketing industry and Marketing Strategies and plans are in our blood. As a result, We’ve developed a unique, proprietary strategy for Personal Branding that helps you get clear on – what you do (your uniqueness) , who you serve (your target audience), what you stand for (your mission), what you promise (your authority).

Why Us

Our partnership sets the goals and turns invisible into visible by transforming learnings into actions. Our role is not specific to market research and is instead part of an overall approach to global business development.

Our motto is

"People for People"

We create socially good and collective business to make our clients presence felt in this digital era and technology driven world.

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